About us

Peculi is a new kind of Savings App. While Peculi provides a safe and secure risk-free App to help you save more of your hard-earned cash, it is more than that, so much more.... Years of low interest rates have made saving less appealing. Why do we save? To buy stuff! Peculi makes saving rewarding again by replacing interest with Rewards. Save with Peculi and we will provide you with an instant return of up to 8% when you choose to buy from our partner stores, who wouldn’t want that?! You can save long-term or short-term so the rewards can be enjoyed from day one.



Choose multiple Peculi Pots

Save for as many things as you like at once while keeping your savings separate and secure.

Save risk-free, tax-free and stress-free.

Choose from a huge selection of major High Street Brands who will make your Savings Rewarding.

Transfer existing savings in to unlock the best High Street deals.

Plus, our Savings Challenges and Peculi Swaprificer will boost your savings and rewards even more.


Save should be Rewarding

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